Rebecca Neill
Rebecca Neill

Lead therapist

Rebecca Neill

Rebecca holds a 1st class BSc Hons degree in Occupational Therapy, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Sensory Integration.  As a former university lecturer, she is driven to educate and create change at a population level working closely with a number of local schools.

She is driven to ensure that through specialist and proactive care, lives can be lived to their fullest.

You’ll hear her quoting, Amy Cuddy, Social Psychologist, “Tiny tweaks make for big change”. Believing that the smallest of strategies can make the biggest difference.

Our Values and Approach

At DynamicOT we are interested in making real and lasting difference, not only for the child but for the whole family unit. 
We use many approaches to accomplish this including:

Educating and empowering

‘With knowledge comes power’ but with understanding comes change.  Working in close partnership with parents, siblings, and educators, ensures that everyone is learning and developing together for the collective aim of improving health and well-being for the child/young person.

Improving skills

Thorough assessment of motor skills and sensory processing, along with cognitive skills and emotional abilities, is key to understanding the whole child/young person.  Gaining this understanding enables OTs to look to specific activities and implement meaningful and purposeful strategies to support skill development leading to participation, and independence.

Providing a safe environment

As OTs we use a trial and error approach to our own learning and delivery of OT services, knowing that each child is unique and presentations can change from one hour/day to the next.  We offer children the same opportunity to try, review and reflect and then identify areas where they could improve or do differently for the next time.

Self-regulation skills

When anxious or upset, the ability to learn new skills, retain information and attend  deteriorates.  Working in close partnership with parents/families to learn about and implement self-regulation skills for the whole family is key.  When we, as adults/parents, are able to model self-regulation it is then easier to support others to build skills. 

Teaching self-advocacy

Our goal is to teach the individual and the family skills that can be used long after therapy has ended.  The old proverb of, ‘teaching a man to fish’ rings true here.  
We value our skills and ability to support individuals in learning about their challenges, understanding where the strengths are and being able to ask for what is needed.

Partnership + Collaboration

We work closely with the individual and those around them, be it siblings, parents, teachers, other health professions.  ‘Teamwork makes the dreamwork‘ and this is especially true for OTs working with children and young people.  Collaborating with education and businesses helps us educate and advise, improving health outcomes on a larger scale.

Valued feedback

"We employed the services of Dynamic OT for an assessment with our son. Rebecca is an absolute expert in her profession and was fantastic putting our pre-teen at ease as she carried out the assessment. The report we received was detailed with many practical recommendations. Using the services of DynamicOT has enabled us to consolidate a way forward with helping our son have confidence to work towards reaching his potential."

"Rebecca’s knowledge, expertise, positivity, and solution focussed mindset has encouraged staff at our school to feel empowered to ‘think outside the box’ when supporting and working with children with additional support needs. Rebecca has provided staff with knowledge, and guidance in exploring proactive strategies to support our pupils as well as looking at whole class approaches for a wider benefit across the school."

Evidence-based practice at DynamicOT

Occupational therapy practice is guided and informed by evidence, this means that we base our assessment and treatment approaches on science and published research.  At DynamicOT we are life-long learners, and ensuring we keep up to date and employ relevant practices is a core value. 

For each individual we focus to the following areas:

What is important to the child/young person? 

What is important to the parent/family?

Partnering with teachers/educators/health professionals

Registered with statutory body HCPC we proactively ensure CPD meets standards

Exploring new, current and past research ensures we can provide a balance and high standard of care for each individual