OTs who work with children can be seen to play…a lot!

Occupational Therapy for Children

OTs who work with children can be seen to play…a lot! But a child’s main activity, and the best vehicle for skill development, is play!! OTs help children be children, with a strong focus on building skills through play to develop abilities in functional, academic, social and emotional areas.  

Having a clear and detailed understanding of child development is key, not just in the infant years (0-5) but beyond through primary school, academy and into young adulthood.  Paediatric OTs work closely with families, other professionals and educators, taking a ‘whole child’ approach to care to ensure your child/young person is fully supported and cared for. 

At DynamicOT we know that each child is unique and therefore, we take pride in delivering a service that is also unique.  We want to find solutions that work and create long-lasting positive change.  We teach children/young person to identify and use their strengths to learn what works best for them.  

We don’t use a cookie cutter, one shoe does not fit all, and your journey with DynamicOT is tailored to you and your family.

Why would my child or young person benefit from OT?

Your child/young person may benefit from OT if you have identified some areas of challenge, which for their age typically wouldn’t be troublesome.  Challenges may be considered within a diagnosis as ‘typical’, however, at DynamicOT we believe that skills can be built and strategies can be created to support, grow and empower any individual.

OTs can support your child in many activities, including but not limited to:

DynamicOT support children/young people with and without diagnosed conditions.  We do see many who have gained a diagnosis, including:

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